EU Shadow Heads of Cooperation


Please read the below information fully:

General Information: Shadow Heads of Cooperation or “HOCS” is a program for university students with the aim of both increasing awareness about the impact of the EU’s assistance in Palestine while also providing students with a chance to develop their knowledge and skill through activities and project visits.

Students eligible for this program should have/be:

  • Interest and general information about the EU’s work in Palestine and Palestine as a development partner
  • A current student of one of the 10 universities listed in the registration page
  • 2nd or 3rd year of University
  • Good command of English language as the program will mostly involve communicating in English
  • Willing to study a brief document and take a quiz and attend an interview for assessment.
  • Willing to be interviewed as a candidate (amongst other candidates based on quiz score) for the program after the quiz completion.
  • Willing to lead and partake in activities such as presenting information learned for fellow students after program end, as well as possibly manage either partially or fully a sustainable club of fellow students who are also interested in future opportunity with the program.
  • Willing to have their experiences in the program, video and photo documented and possibly have their photo posted on the EU’s social media page or be featured in a published video on the same page
  • Interested in developing knowledge about international and non-profit organizations


  • The Quiz will be open for 48 hours, starting Sunday August 1st at 12:00 PM till August 3rd at 12:00 PM.
  • On the starting date of the quiz, qualified students will receive the quiz’s link via text message with a pin code to enter.
  • Each student is allowed one entry to the quiz, using their university number (Student ID) as a “nickname”. And will only have 15 minutes to answer 29 multiple choice questions. Which can be done anytime during the 48 hours window.
  • People familiar with the study material and have general knowledge about EU will have no problem answering the questions in less than 10 minute. 
  • After the end of the 48 hours period quiz will be taken off the website and there will be no access for any students after that time.
  • After the quiz results are received, students with the highest scores from each university will be contacted by our partnering company on this project “Sky Advertising” with a time and a date for their interviews, which will decide the chosen future EU ambassadors.

Identification Codes and Quiz Pin: Students are required to enter the quiz pin to gain access to the quiz which will be sent to the registered students on the quiz day by email and SMS. The student will also receive their own identification code needed also to enter the quiz by SMS upon registration.

Selection: Only one student from each university will be chosen this year. Interviews will be conducted only with the top scoring students from each university.

Other Information: The coordinating company (Sky advertising) will handle all costs for the students during the visits and program duration such as transportation costs, food, stationary items, and final reward.